Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are temporarily placing the Application Process on hold.  Please be assured that the SAND 2020 Challenge is still taking place, and we are actively working on some exciting new enhancements to the program which we hope to be able to share with you soon.

If you have a question that is not addressed here,
please complete the SAND Q&A Session Submission Form.

Do I have to submit a notice of intent before I can apply?

No. It is not a requirement; however, you may submit a Notice of Intent (found on this website) as a “heads up” to NASA. We hope you’ll join us!

Can we compete with less than four (4) team members?

Yes! Two (2) team members are the minimum number allowed for participation, and four (4) team members are the maximum number allowed on the field. However, as long as the safety pilot meets our requirements and the company meets our requirements in the application process, less than 4 team members is acceptable for entry into the competition.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine 2 small businesses to form 1 team. Each application must be completed by an authorized representative who can legally commit a qualified competitor to the terms. A qualified competitor is an incorporated small business. Therefore, joint applications cannot be accepted. A joint application amongst two entities would not be a valid entry.

Is there any way my foreign business could participate?

No, this competition is open to US entities and citizens only.

Do I have to build my own drone?

No, competitors may modify “off-the-shelf" vehicles to complete the competition objectives.

Is hardware standardized? Should all competitors be using the same sensors?

You can choose most of the hardware you will use. Specific requirements will be made available in the participant guide during the application process.

Will participants get to use Safeguard outside the competition?

Participants are encouraged to speak with NASA Subject Matter Experts regarding NASA’s Safeguard technology and the possibility of licensing it through our Technology Transfer Program.

I am coming from out of town, where can I find information about the location and where to stay?

You can find information about the challenge location and nearby accommodations on the Location Info page on the main menu.

Can anyone show up and be a spectator?

Yes, anyone can attend and be a spectator. We will post more details about the viewing location and specifics at a later date.